Sunday, March 31, 2013

On The Road...To Change

The other night I went to an awesome event through an organization called Zaarly. It was a group of local venders who started their own businesses and followed their passion. In talking with one gal, she gestured to Tiny Beast, and noted, "This is why I do this. I wanted to spend more time with my little one". It struck a chord with me.

I love my normal job, and I don't want to let that go. I help manage a program that helps people lose weight, quit smoking, increase their physical activity and manage their stress. It's an awesome program that combines wellness with realistic behavior change. My employees are awesome, and my peers are amazing. I can't see myself leaving that any time soon.

Having Tiny Beast made me want to do more than just a 9-5. I want to create more, and show her the world of cooking and crafts. I want to have the option of doing something creative that is profitable. I think I also miss doing art events and shows.  I love providing feedback on databases and writing trainings, but I can't put glitter on them (hmmm...maybe I just thought of a new training method).

I have the resources-I have an entire craft studio that is floor to ceiling, wall to wall goodies just waiting for me to make something. I have the ability to whip up yummy dishes, and can come up with recipes pretty quickly. I also make delicious pickles. Seriously. Those things are crazy good.

All this to say, I am venturing out to start my own tiny business-selling my pickles and jams. It's definitely not going to be anything that allows me to get wealthy, but it should be enough for some extra spending cash, and help to keep me doing creative things-fun craft classes anyone?  It's also great as it's something I can do on the weekends and after work, with a kid strapped to me. I already know where to get local produce to support local farmers. I can give back and do something I like.

I am still working on the business model, logo and all the things that go in to taking a hobby into something bigger. I have been lucky to get feedback on my products from friends and family, so I know what I need to change (luckily it's not much). Who knows if it will actually succeed, but for now, the idea makes me super happy.

It also gets me closer to my ultimate goal of having a Bed and Breakfast. Ok, so it's a long way to that goal, but one step at a time.

For those of you who have taken a big leap and done something for yourself, or started your own business; what helped you to do that? What advice would you give? And how has it been?

Yours in crafty goodness!