Friday, June 15, 2012

A quick update to the list!

A quick update to the below post! I was able to knock out a couple of projects-below is boozy cherry jam. As you can see there's a good amount of dark rum missing from the bottle that went into the jam (recipe called for 2 TB, I called for more). Along with the rum I added holiday spices-cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and sugar. I cooked the mixture for almost two hours on medium-low, so it just bubbled away, adding sugar and pectin later on. I didn't have quite enough cherries for the chipotle BBQ sauce, so I made a small batch of cherry preserves for game (duck, elk, etc). That's a simple recipe with pepper, apple cider vinegar, cayenne and a couple of other spices cooked on low. Its pretty sharp, but oh so good. I definitely recommend it.

Also, I started the back yard project, looking for ideas of what I want in a studio. I stumbled across the below picture from a local builder (, to give credit where this cute thing is from), and will be calling him up to build a barn style studio. Its open on the bottom, with a full loft and ladder above. So ideal! I'll of course make some modifications, with a door where one of the windows is with a wrap around porch and trellis, and a large window where the door currently is.  I still need to do some more measurements on the existing structure, since I don't want to go any smaller. Can you see it? Sigh...A full craft studio, all for myself (ok, and Nick, too). 

Things are slowly coming together with organizing my house to get ready for an influx of furniture from my Dad's place. I'll be taking the stereo cabinet that we built when I was younger, along with a buffet my parents picked up in England, and a Victrola my dad managed to fit in a small sports car.  At some point, I'll bring home the computer hutch that he and I built in my late teens, and I'll be converting that to a bar, which will also go into the studio. It'll be nice to have pieces of my past around my house, as well. 

This weekend will be continued organizing and packing along with hanging out with Nick's Dad for father's day and starting work on the new coop. I still need to get pics up of the new girls, too. Hmm...I'll add that to the list as well!

Well, back to organizing, cleaning and cooking dinner!

Here's to a good weekend to all of you!